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Our Programs

At Amexcan, our top priority is achieving results and we know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns and partnerships. Our focus is to build strategic networks and promote programs that will help advance our work. Learn more about the causes we are passionate about and contact us to see how you can get involved.


Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Our advocacy programs are center the of legal promotion and civic participation of the AMEXCAN. In response to the growing number of anti-immigrant laws in our state and across the country, we at AMEXCAN have joined forces with a state coalition of immigrant rights groups to better protect and serve our communities. Some of these programs include, Almas Unidas, Mi Familia Vota and Reconstruyendo NC. 


Contact: Fiorela Villegas, Advocacy and Civic Engagement Director


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The Mexican Association in North Carolina provides for a variety of academic environments throughout the state of North Carolina that promote the academic aspirations of all students. Through several community workshops, programs, services and resource sharing efforts, AMEXCAN aims to help students as they embark on their educational trips. Some of the programs include, the ESL Double-Bridge Program, the North Carolina Latino Education Alliance (NCLEA), and the tutoring programs.


Contact: Francisco Solano, Education Programs Director




AMEXCAN values leadership as one of the keys to success in building motivated, successful, and conscientious leaders of the future. The programs that have emerged from this goal attempt to make the world a little bit brighter by educating and supporting our leaders of tomorrow. Some of these programs include our Lideres del Futuro group, the North Carolina Latino Recovery Alliance (NCLRA), and the North Carolina Latino Resource Network (NCLRN). 


Contact: Marlene Castillo, Community Development Director


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Art &Culture

Latinos and native-Spanish speakers are made up a diverse, broad set of nations, with their own unique cultures, dialects, and ways of life. AMEXCAN wants to celebrate the vast range of cultures and share them with non-Latino origin individuals in fun, interactive ways. One of the ways we do this is by hosting events for Latino holidays! We also have several programs that highlight Latino culture in various ways, like our "La Voz de Nuestra Comunidad" magazine that features bilingual entries. 


Health Programs

With increasing awareness of health issues across the state of North Carolina, AMEXCAN created the Health Program and its various initiatives to aid the Latino population. We strive to help build towards health equity for Latinos in NC, and also provide support available to everyone through regional health fairs and resource drives. A few of our Health Programs include, the North Carolina Latino Health Alliance (NCHLA), the North Carolina Latino Covid-19 Taskforce (NCLCTF), as well as various pop-up health and resource fairs. 


Contact: Natalia Figueroa-Bernal


Binational Activities

Our binational activities programs highlight the connection between North Carolina and other Spanish-speaking countries. They re-connect families, share resources, keep local/national communities informed, and help bridge the gap across national borders. Some of our programs include, AMEXCAN Mexico, the Promotoras program, the North Carolina Latino Farmers Resource Network, and "La Voz de Nuestra Communidad."


Contact: José Luis Herrera Valentín, Director of AMEXCAN Mexico



Internship & Volunteer Programs

The AMEXCAN internship program began in 2004, with an intern from the University of East Carolina. Since then, AMEXCAN has had an average of 5-7 interns per semester. Interns bring specialized knowledge that can be applied through program development, relationship building, and real-world experience. Our interns grow professionally through various opportunities and develop relationships with our community. Our volunteers are also vital to the community support for our activities and events. Without these individuals, nothing AMEXCAN does would be possible.


Contact: Jenifer Rodriguez-Alvarez, Director of Internships and Volunteers


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