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Our mission is to foster the appreciation, understanding and prosperity of the Mexican and Latino community, through Education, Advocacy, Culture, Leadership, Health and Binational Programs.

Advocacy and Civic engagement

We encourage civic engagement and educate the community about its rights and obligations.


We explore new tools and programs so that children, adolescents and adults have better educational opportunities and access to an equitable education.

In AMEXCAN, we promote leadership from a young age and recognize its contribution to the growth of our communities.


Art and Culture

Cultural expressions are the soul of our community, and that is why we promote and encourage art, culture and musical expression, so that new generations preserve and value them.

Binational Programs

We contribute to binational community development, through programs, services and cultural activities, as well as establishing ties between the migrant community and their families, through the resources available in the United States and Mexico.


We focus on the community, by offering services and initiatives that help to improve physical and mental health.

Internships and Volunteer Work

Interns develop specialized programs and implement them in the community achieving valuable outreach.
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Directory of 
Latino Serving Organizations.

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