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North Carolina Advocacy and Civic Engagement Initiatives

MY FAMILY VOTES, or MY FAMILY VOTES, is the Association's flagship advocacy and civic engagement program. Since the fall of 2020, volunteers and pollsters have registered voters and educated the Latino community about civics, in order to inspire a new generation to take an interest in elections and give those who are willing to exercise their duties. civic the ability to do so.

Advocacy in Action: In response to the growing number of anti-immigrant laws in our state and across the country, we at AMEXCAN have joined forces with a state coalition of immigrant rights groups to better protect and serve our communities. The activities of this program include calling representatives, expressing our concern to the General Assembly, and disseminating key legislative developments to the general public. More recently, our organization has been testifying for fair and equitable districts while the General Assembly conducts public forums.

Client Group: In spring 2021, AMEXCAN launched a DACA program to connect potential DACA applicants with program recipients to share experiences and help speed up the application process. But experience is not the same as good legal advice. To better serve the needs of the community, we began partnering with local Spanish-speaking law firms to direct people to trusted and trustworthy advocates. The newest of our programs, our goal is to have a refined database of organizations and attorneys offering free or reduced-price legal services. The activities of this program include the admission of clients and the detection of legal problems.

Iniciativas de Participación Cívica y defensa de Carolina del Norte: About Us
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